Overview And Features Of Important WordPress CRM Plugins

WordPress CRMs help you to manage customer data and build long-term relationships with your customers. The real struggle for businesses is to find the right CRM that satisfies their business requirements. Choosing an ideal CRM from a plethora of CRM plugins can supercharge your business growth and aids in chasing end-goals.

Before searching for WordPress CRM, it is important to understand why your business needs one. Here are some common reasons:

  • Unable to manage customer data
  • Difficult to keep up the lead flow
  • Helplessly searching customer contact information
  • Unable to differentiate between your potential and loyal customers
  • Can’t analyze your sales rate
  • Unable to track your best selling products/services
  • Poor customer-relationships
  • Loose customers due to subpar customer services

In order to resolve some/all of the above-mentioned issues, what you need exactly is a perfect CRM integrated with your WordPress website.

In this article, we have highlighted the list of important WordPress CRM plugins. Also, we have mentioned the best features of each to help you decide which one will suit your business in the best way. These are:


This plugin is used to intensify the basic customer relationship management functionalities of WordPress.  It enables the admin to create custom fields, store custom data and organize the contacts. It aids in managing sub-admins, affiliates, vendors, customers and tracking their activities.
Key Features:

  • Manage and add attributes easily
  • Organize, filter and edit user details in an excellent way
  • Create contact forms for frontends
  • Customer breakdown representation with simple graphs
  • Notification management
  • Track user activities
  • Arrange and refine your business network
  • Group notifications (add-on functionality)

Price: Free but if you want to extend its functionalities, you can buy some add-ons.

– Salesforce

It is a world-class CRM software that can be integrated with WordPress. It enables the admin to use standard products and features that allow you to manage customer relationships successfully. It is faster and simple to access CRM software. It also allows you to easily interact with your customers.
Key Features:

  • Manage customer information
  • Monitor customer, partner, and employee activities
  • Consider customer support requests
  • Store unlimited data securely
  • Review lead conversion and sales rate.
  • Lead management
  • Email management
  • Notification management

Price: Depending on different functionalities, the price ranges from $25 to $300

– Zero BS

It is the best no-nonsense CRM plugin for WordPress.  It can benefit your business with a bunch of advanced features. It allows you to store and edit customer contacts such as personal information and mark special notes. It is a great solution to keep track of revenue and leads.

Key Features:

  • Build long-lasting customer relationships
  • Monitor customer activities and know the money generated from each one.
  • Investigate outstanding bills.
  • Track business posts, income, and profits

Price: It is an open source software with paid extensions.


It is the first ‘enterprise resource planning’ solution available to manage your business. The WP ERP plugin is being used by more than 7000 businesses for its three effective pre-built core modules-

  • WordPress Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • WordPress Human Resource Management (HRM) System
  • WordPress Project and Accounting Management System

Key Features:

Powerful CRM features:

  • Personalized approach management towards customers.
  • Find your loyal/potential customers and classify your services accordingly
  • Keep details of customer logs
  • Filter your contacts for easy search with keywords associated with any attribute
  • Direct customer call/meeting can be scheduled

Ultimate HRM features:

  • Create and manage your own company profile
  • Create, add and manage different departments and designations
  • List employees into a special department and add a designation
  • Publish and share important information with employees
  • Assign tasks and projects to employees
  • Manage calendar and holidays
  • Authorize employees to request for leaves
  • Grant leaves and manages leave policy

Best accounting module with effective capabilities:

  • Multiple preloaded accounts
  • Manage sales and see all the transactions
  • Check total revenue generated
  • Figure out pending payments
  • Keep detail track of your expenditures
  • Manage your bank account
  • Receive/transfer payments instantly

Price: Available free of costs. There are many interesting and powerful paid extensions such as Payment gateway, Custom Field Builder, Salesforce Contacts Sync etc.

– Ukuu People

 A WordPress plugin that is a simplified solution for contact management. It helps you to organize your contacts in an easy and simple way. You can add contact details and keep track of interactions automatically.

Key Features:

  • Segment your contacts in “tribes”
  • Group tribes based on their importance to you
  • Track relationship activities by touchpoints
  • Mark/View favorite contacts
  • Add/Manage upcoming events and schedule meetings
  • Assign tasks to your contacts
  • Share relationship data with your contacts

Price: It is open-source software that can be more powered with amazing paid add-ons.


This WordPress plugin is an open-source lead management solution. In addition, it is GDPR compliance. It helps you to generate lead conversion rate and keep a track on your leads. With effective marketing techniques, you can turn them into sales.

Key Features:

  • Tracking leads from the actual traffic source
  • Single and unified database of all your leads
  • Assign leads to specific team member
  • Track lead sources
  • Manage the lifecycle of every lead

Price: Available free of cost

– WP Fusion

It is a premium plugin that is integrated with WordPress to provide you an automatic marketing or CRM platform. WP fusion also contributes to special improvements for WordPress plugins such as SalesForce, Zoho, SalesFlare and many more.

Key Features:

  • Track user engagement
  • Sync new users
    Connect any part of the user information on your website to areas/fields in your CRM
  • Create perfect customer experience with popular plugin enhancements

Prices: Available for free but it doesn’t support plugin integration. In order to integrate plugins, you need a paid version of WP Fusion. Also, other advanced features can be used with paid add-ons.

– WooCommerce CRM

As the name suggests, this WordPress plugin is an e-commerce solution. With the tagline of “SELL ANYTHING, ANYWHERE”, premium e-commerce plugin helps you to do business (sell physical or digital products) through your WordPress website.

Key Features:

  • Store contact management information
  • Track orders
  • Add customer notes
  • Make calls/send emails to your customers
  • Extensive payment options
  • Add and remove WordPress extensions
  • Change website design/theme

Price: Available free of cost.

– WordPress Leads 

This is a powerful plugin that captures lead information on any web page of your WordPress site. Also, it is WordPress’s first fully extendable plugin that allows unlimited CRM application add-ons. It can be seamlessly integrated with WordPress Landing Pages & WordPress Calls to Action to sell smarter and more efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Simple to use
  • Detect and collect visitor data
  • Search, view, and edit lead information
  • Know geographical area of your leads
  • Gather valuable intelligence on your leads such as their social profiles, job history, topical interests etc.

Price: Available free of cost.

– DX sales CRM

It is an effective CRM that helps you to maintain your clients and customers. DX sales CRM is a powerful enterprise-package that manages your business in a better way with advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Create client/customer contact records.
  • Easily search your clients/customers
  • Fetch clients’ company details and project information
  • Make progress reports of your business
  • Create sales reports
  • Track customer/client activity
  • Rearrange business processes

Price: It is open-source software that is available free of cost.


These are some of the important WordPress CRM plugins that can benefit your business in many ways. After you set your business goals, it is easy to chase them with a right CRM. Therefore, wisely choose the ideal CRM plugin that meets your business requirements.


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