Key Design Elements And Notable WordPress Websites

In this digital age, an effective website design is essential for a business that wants to thrive. No matter which industry you are serving, whether you are offering services or selling products; both your customers and potential customers will have looked for your website before reaching out.

The first impression matters more than anything else, therefore, designing a website thoughtfully is crucial.

Stanford University did a research on web credibility and results showed that 75% of users make a judgment on company’s credibility through their web design alone.

An open source content management system, WordPress offers website design and development options that can make your website stand a class apart. It is focused on your customer experience and how their journey delivers revenue and ROI to your company.

Many notable brands have built their official websites on WordPress, but before checking them out, let’s take a look at different design elements:

Key elements of website design

When it comes to website design, there are certain elements that can make or break your website. These elements will keep users engaged with your content; making it easier for them to learn about your products or services that ultimately lead to purchase.

1. Navigation

Navigation can either encourage users to carry on or simply put them off and send them elsewhere. Navigation should be clear as it acts as a road map to all the different areas and important information within the website. According to a research conducted by Forrester, 50% of potential sales are lost as users can’t find the right details they are looking for.

Benefits of navigation:

  • Holds the attention of users
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Website look more attractive and professional
  • Saves time

2. Whitespace

Whitespace is considered as one of the most valuable parts of the website design. For delivering a remarkable user experience, designers should understand more about whitespace and how they can use it to create a simple and elegant design.

On the other hand, website owners normally disagree with designers over the use of whitespace.

For them, the idea of whitespace is counterintuitive. That’s why there is a famous quote regarding Whitespace,

“Designers love it. Website owners want to fill it.”

Dissents over whitespace mainly arise due to the unawareness of it. However, there are many benefits of whitespace:

  • It highlights CTAs
  • Increased content readability
  • Speeds up interaction
  • Separates images/graphics from each other

3. Parallax scrolling

It allows images to seem as if they are vaulting out of your computer screen. It’s like 3D sensation but not exactly 3D; multiple backgrounds are set to scroll at different speeds which create parallax scrolling.

Benefits of parallax scrolling:

  • It adds “wow” factor to your website
  • Users will spend more time on website
  • Provokes curiosity and directs users to “call to action”
  • Boosts the credibility of the website

4. Call to Action (CTA)

CTAs are strategically incorporated into your website design as they are very important for gathering contact information of your users which helps you to keep in touch with them as leads and convert them into customers.

Relevant CTAs such as free product forms, email subscription forms, ebooks or white papers, or other invites should be included in optimal places throughout the website.

Benefits of CTAs:

  • It provides users with directions on your website
  • Provide immediate access to what users are looking
  • Decrease potential customer’s frustration and stress
  • Give meaning to your content

WordPress websites that have unique design elements

1. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company Website

Rating: 3/5

The website supports a modern and unique design that compliments the vision and mission of the company. The design layout, structure, and color combination of the website perfectly carries Walt Disney legacy.

What’s Good: In “About” section, the Company successfully described its history from 1923 until now. The way they did this is exceptionally beautiful and creative. Use of Gifs adds more to the site’s elegancy.

History Of Disney

Scope of Improvement: Disney dragged the “About” section unnecessary. They tried to incorporate many things together, making the page look cluttered.

Disney Website Improvements

Instead, they can create more web pages to display content. It will look much better and improve user experience.

2. Forside- Design Museum Denmark

Forside- Design Museum Denmark Website

Rating: 5/5

The website tends to be pretty clean and dated affair. The design is playful and striking. Further, on top of all visual complexities, the designer team behind the site took this project to another level.

Danish Design Now

What’s Good In every section, users are welcomed with high-quality images showing beautiful pieces of art. I, personally get the best user experience by navigating through the website.

Forside- Design Museum Denmark’s Website Improvements

Scope of Improvement: People will treat me as a criminal if I talk anything negative about “Forside- Design Museum Denmark’s website”. Seriously, this is one of the finest works on WordPress.

3. 007- Inside the world of James Bond

007- Inside the world of James Bond Website

Rating: 4/5

Users can easily navigate through a never ending list of interviews, articles, snippets etc. The end result is a user-friendly experience that is similar to watching a complete life story of James Bond on TV with access in your hand.

James Bond Stories

What’s Good: The website is successful in keeping the James Bond saga alive. Stories about stylish English spy and everything related to him are beautifully crafted on the website. A user can easily become James Bond’s fan while navigating through the website.

James Bond Website Improvements

Scope of Improvement: The designers failed in choosing the right color combination. The site looks dull in appearance and unfortunately it reflects 20th century design elements. Further, whitespace seems counterproductive for the website.

4. TechCrunch

TechCrunch Website

Rating: 3.5/5

TechCrunch, an American publisher of online technology news is a highly responsive website that renders well to different devices with different operating systems and screen sizes. This WordPress website has better UI and UX than many prominent brands.

TechCrunch Website Design

What’s Good: The designers keep the website simple but engaging. All the information is laid out in a no fuss manner.

TechCrunch Website Improvements

Scope of Improvement: The website seems clumsy sometime. Images used on the homepage are not properly organized or must say their inappropriate sizes make the site looks jittery.


WordPress is a website solution that has helped millions of website owners to achieve their goals. Many notable brands are using WordPress. It includes everything from e-commerce sites, news, magazines, nonprofits, celebrities, other businesses etc. Due to the flexible nature of WordPress, there is absolutely no limit to what brands can attain using this platform.

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