7 Features Of CRM Plugins Your WordPress Website Must Have

In this era of a customer-driven market, building long-lasting relations with customers is the key to run a successful business. Therefore, the customer relationship management system has become an important part of market strategies and business establishment. The main focus is to maintain customer relationships as well as manage and monitor the data. Putting it simpler, CRM is a tool that helps to store, track and manage customer information to boost sales and win loyal customers.

With a constant change in technology, WordPress CRM plugins have become powerful tools to build trust, loyalty and healthy customer relationships. The developers have launched different CRM plugins that can be integrated with WordPress.

Each CRM plugin has its own unique features and functionalities that benefit your business. The important  features are listed below:

  • Data Segmentation: It is a challenging task to know your customers. Data segmentation helps in dividing or grouping customers based on different aspects such as age, location, gender etc. This aids in better understanding of customer requirements and knowing your customer base. The reliable information gives you an idea to perceive your marketing activities as per demands of distinct customer groups. With an exact product or service approach, you can target a specific audience and covert high sales.
  • Contact management: This feature allows you to manage personal information of your customers. Contact management provides a simple and easy way to fetch name, email, contact number, address etc. of any customer.  In addition, you can add links to easily approach them through various communication channels. This is one of the perfect market strategies to interact with your customers and build stable relationships. For example, you can win loyal customers by sending wishes or special discounts on their birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Import Data: Adding information about existing customers to your fresh CRM system can be a hectic job. To relieve this stress, WordPress CRM plugins enable you to import data from different sources. No matter if you need to transfer data from an excel sheet or any another type of CRM. Therefore, you can easily collect and store data at a single system with inbuilt functionality or third party tools.
  • Export Data: There comes a time when you might need to transfer the information stored at your CRM system to other sources. To help you out with this, the inbuilt functionality of WordPress CRM plugins or the third party tools flawlessly allow you to export the data. For example, there can be a scenario when you need to export the customer information to another upgraded CRM or to the backup database.
  • E-mail Integration: Emails are the best go-to-tool for branding your business. Let it be product/service notification, customer support information or other business related queries, most of the communication is via e-mails. Therefore, it is a necessity to have an email integrated CRM plugin. It helps the marketing team to follow relevant business strategies to run effective marketing campaigns.
  • Activity Tracking: It is important for every business to note every activity of their customers. From feedback to sending emails, contacting customer support, visiting your website or purchasing the products, every activity must be tracked. This helps you offer better customer services and find your loyal customers. Your loyal customers not only share positive reviews about your products but also increase sales. It is unquestionably great for your business to retain existing customers than creating new ones. The WordPress CRM plugin keeps the record of customer activities. The whole information stored in the database can be easily accessed by the admin, marketing team or other employees.
  • Sales Analytics: The ultimate goal of every business is to make the profit. So, integrating CRM plugin with WordPress is worthy as it tracks and analyzes sales performance. Sales analytics define how successful your business is. The accurate sales data generated by CRM plugin helps you to review your marketing campaigns, implement better marketing strategies and improve customer services.

So, these are some important inbuilt features provided by customer relationship management plugins. But the CRM functionalities are not limited to the mentioned ones. Other features may include lead records and management, account management, team management, loyalty management, custom-data management and many more. Each functionality and feature is helpful in its own way.

Let’s revise how CRM plugin benefits your business. It helps you:

  • Manage your data
  • Stay connected to your customers
  • Find the bestselling products/services
  • Review the lead conversion rate
  • Find loyal customers
  • Understand your customers
  • Create effective business strategies
  • Analyze sales performance
  • Building good relationships with customers

Today, there are different CRM plugins that provide different features. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to understand your business needs and wisely choose an ideal WordPress CRM plugin. A right CRM plugin will outweigh its cost with plenty of benefits that contribute to improve your business and achieve the end-goals.

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