Benefits Of WordPress For Business Website Development

From a personal blog to a feature-rich website for business, nearly one-third of the websites use WordPress. Among brands that use WordPress, there are few exceptionally large companies such as Sony, Time Inc., the New York Post, and NBC.

There are many reasons behind why such large companies prefer WordPress as their default content management system. In this blog post, we share top 5 benefits of using WordPress as the default content management system.


There is a constant need to update content on the website and content management system like WordPress helps one do that. The change can be addition of new web page, feature, modification of current web pages, etc., WordPress supports it all.

To add a new feature, WordPress offers provision to add plugins. A plugin can be used to add new features such as improved analytics, enhance security, and integrate WordPress with other third party applications such as CRM and ERP systems.

Easy to Use

To set up a WordPress website, a business owner needs server space and domain name. The WordPress content management system is available free of cost from Installing the content management system can be done from cpanel or any other management tool provided by the hosting service provider. During installation, the WordPress setup will guide the website owner through multiple steps. Once configured, the website owner can login and start making changes to manage the website.


A standard WordPress website involves paying the cost of hosting space and domain name. As a part of marketing campaign, it is common for hosting service providers to give free domain name with the hosting package.

WordPress offers several free themes that can satisfy the business requirements of startups and small businesses. Developed using open source technologies, getting support is easy and affordable. For medium and large scale businesses, development of an industry-specific theme and plugins, for additional features, might be required.


Default installation of WordPress offers basic security. By adding a SSL certificate along with minor changes in the code, a business owner can secure the website. There are few paid plugins that can make automatic changes to improve the security of a WordPress website.

Common examples of WordPress security plugins are Wordfence Security, iThemes Security, Sucuri Security, etc. For enterprise-level security, one can consult a WordPress design and development agency for professional help.


The core of the WordPress is designed in such a way which compliments customizability. Although, the core of WordPress can be modified, however, it is not recommended as it can hamper other aspects of the system.

Customizations can be done without affecting the integrity of the WordPress core, which is essential to receive timely updates. As the core is separate from the rest of the system, one can customize the website design and develop plugins to add new features without affecting it.



With over 31% websites using WordPress, this budget-friendly content management system is here to stay. As WordPress is scalable and open source, it is being used by a number of organizations that range from early-stage startups to fortune 500 companies. For a business owner, WordPress packs the right set of options and can easily fit in budget for additional customizations, if required.

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